How to Practice Walking Meditation in Everyday Life

At some point, all of us lost the ability to be fully present while taking familiar paths of everyday life. The time spent going from one place to another seems meaningless and unproductive. It’s something we have to do. We always feel the need to be somewhere else; we don’t want to be where we … Read more

How Long Should You Meditate if You’re a Beginner?

How long should you meditate if you’re a beginner? The common assumption is the longer you do it, the better. But I found the opposite is true: You get more benefit when you start small and increase duration as you become more disciplined. Still, what is a good starting point? This article aims to clear … Read more

3 Relaxing Meditation Postures for Beginners

People in a lying down meditation posture.

Learning the right way to sit is an important step in building your meditation practice. Even though lotus pose is a popular meditation posture, it can be a hindrance if you’re not flexible enough to do it the right way. I recommend starting with something easy and familiar: sitting on a chair, kneeling, or lying … Read more

How to Practice Breathing Meditation in 4 Simple Steps

Have you noticed how taking a deep breath always calms you down? This happens because the quality of your breathing mirrors your physical and mental state. It quickens when you’re agitated and slows down as you relax. As the breathing stills, your mind becomes correspondingly composed. Experiencing your mind stilled in this way is deeply … Read more