7 Mindful Journaling Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Just writing.

Today is yet another day I am trying to write after finishing my meditation session. It’s beneficial because my mind is clear, and I’m ready to reflect on whatever has been happening in my life up to this point.

Even though I have nothing in particular to write about, I’m just writing to practice. The act of writing when I don’t know what to write is also a kind of meditation because I’m observing my thoughts and letting out whatever comes to mind.

The letters appear on the screen while my hands are typing away at the keyboard. I hear the sound of pressed buttons, subtle noises in the room and out on the street, and feel my own desire to keep writing.

Not every day is inspired, not every day is perfect for writing; nevertheless, I endure and do it anyway. Sometimes, I reread my older posts, and it gives me a little nudge to keep going.

Dedicating your whole day to the creative process and sharing your thoughts, notes, and little observations always brings tremendous joy. In some sense, it’s a dream come true.

7 Mindful Journaling Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writing the journal entry above reminded me of a beautiful passage from James E. Miller’s book The Rewarding Practice of Journal Writing: a Guide for Starting and Keeping Your Personal Journal. He writes:

1. Whoever you are, you will benefit from writing about your thoughts, feelings, remembrances, and hopes.

2. Wherever you have gone and whatever you have experienced in life, you have a story that is worth being told.

3. Whichever words you use and however you spell and punctuate them, if they’re yours, that’s all that’s needed.

4. However creative you feel, you’re creative enough, and however artistic you are, that’s exactly the right amount for whatever is yours to pass on.

5. However your words sound when you read them aloud to yourself, if they’re honest and they sound like you, there’s nothing more to ask.

6. However your thoughts flow onto the page, if they flow from you, then you’ve done as much as any journaler has ever done, whoever they are, whoever they have been.

7. So journal, and be yourself as you journal. Write in your own words, with your own voice, and your own understanding. Write as only you know how. Your life will be the richer for it, and the fuller and the freer. Just as you will be.

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