Ernest Hemingway on Self-Criticism

Ernest Hemingway on Self Criticism

I have thought and continue to think a lot about our tendency to overthink — what is the tipping point past which overthinking, this dysfunctional mental habit we all have, turns into merciless self-criticism? In reading Ernest Hemingway‘s altogether magnificent novel To Have and Have Not, I found myself paying attention to characters’ inner dialogues, … Read more

What Are Eight Traditional Buddhist Symbols (And Their Meanings)?

Are you seeking information about the 8 traditional Buddhist symbols, also known as Ashtamangala? These eight symbols represent the offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha immediately after he gained enlightenment. The exact origin of the eight Buddhist symbols is unknown, but it’s generally believed that they are based on Indian traditions predating the … Read more

Aldous Huxley on Living in the Present Moment

Aldous Huxley on Living in the Present Moment

“Time out of mind is time nevertheless, cumulative, informing the present,” Annie Dillard wrote in her meditation on living in the present moment. “From even the deepest slumber you wake with a jolt — older, closer to death, and wiser, grateful for breath.” Indeed, it is only to a heightened awareness that the great door … Read more