How to Practice One-Minute Mindfulness

How to Practice One Minute Mindfulness

I’ve been reading 8 Mindful Steps to Happiness, one of the most accessible and lucid guides to cultivating awareness, by the beloved Buddhist teacher Ven. Bhante Henelopa Gunaratana. In the chapter titled “Beginning a Practice of Mindfulness,” in discussing what beginners can do to be present, he describes a simple exercise called “One-Minute Mindfulness.” Here’s … Read more

Can Mindfulness Prevent Emotional Reactivity and Suppression? (Answered by a Buddhist Monk)

Can mindfulness prevent emotional reactivity and suppression? If you’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation, you may have noticed that the way you react to situations and people has changed. When faced with challenges, you’re able to keep your emotional equanimity just long enough to assess the situation and take the right action, both for yourself and … Read more

Ram Dass on How to Be in Love (A Guide and a Book)

Love is something I have been deeply interested in, both from an emotional and from a spiritual perspective. And the one thing that always comes to light with true love is the notion of “being”: the capacity, as the universally accurate saying goes, “to live in the now.” This inevitably necessitates a degree of awareness … Read more