Empathy as a Way of Being: Carl Rogers on What it Means to Enter Another Person’s World Without Prejudice

“The highest expression of empathy is accepting and nonjudgmental,” writes humanist psychologist Carl Rogers (1902-1987) in his book A Way of Being. “It is impossible to be accurately perceptive of another’s inner world if you have formed an evaluative opinion of that person.” One of the founders of the person-centered approach in psychology and a … Read more

Spiritual Journaling: Christina Baldwin on Bridging the Outer and Inner World Through Writing

A man writing in his journal

“We call spirituality a journey and speak in metaphors of travel, yet many of us never leave the neighborhood. The journal becomes the metaphor made real, a travelogue of the mind,” writes Christina Baldwin in the opening chapter of her book Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice. “On days when I’m not sure … Read more

Why It’s Important to Cultivate Inner Values: the Dalai Lama on Ethics of Restraint, Virtue, and Altruism

“Ultimately, the source of our problems lies at the level of the individual,” writes the Dalai Lama in the opening chapter of his book Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World. “If people lack moral values and integrity, no system of laws and regulations will be adequate. So long as people give priority to material … Read more